Ethereum 2.0 Public Beacon Node Now Available!

Ethereum 2.0

With the recent push to convert Ethereum to a POS vs a POW model I have setup a public beacon node for the public to use as part of their backup nodes on their validator client.  It’s running lighthouse as the client so any lighthouse API calls to it should function just as a local lighthouse instance would be.  Everyone should have at least one backup node for redundancy.

For a lighthouse validator client, add it as a comma-separated list.  Other validator clients syntax may vary.

--beacon-nodes http://local.beacon.node:9000,

The address to use is: https:\\ You don’t have to add a port to this URL as its is reverse proxied.

Let me know if anyone has problems, questions or suggestions as I’ll be supporting and updating this node going forward.

Further Information:  Guide | How to setup a validator on ETH2 testnet PRATER


Edit: With the merge upon us this no longer has a use and has been shutdown.

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