Transferring A Domain To The New Cloudflare Registrar

I just received an email from Cloudflare indicating that my wave is now open to transfer my domains.  I am quite happy with the service of my current domain registrar ( however I wanted to see how the price compared.  

I thought that was really competitive on price but after seeing $9.95 on Cloudflare vs $17.59 on I decided to test out the new Cloudflare service.

The process is really simple but I have laid it out below for anyone interested in giving it a try.

*Note that once you start the transfer process you will be billed for a year extention on the expiry of the domain.

Step 1

To start the transfer process you have to have the domain already in your Cloudflare account.  Simply, select the domain you want to transfer and confirm the domain(s).
Cloudflare Select Domain To Transfer

Step 2

The next step is some instructions to complete on your existing registrar.  In this case I am using

After logging into my control panel and selecting the appropriate domain I have an array of configuration options. 

Select Locking/Unlocking from the Advanced Options section.

Turn off the lock if the domain is locked.  If its already unlocked you can skip this part.

After the domain is unlocked select the EPP Auth Info icon on the main menu under the Advanced Options section.




Copy the code you see here and go back to the Cloudflare website.  Paste this string in the box at the bottom of the page where its asking for the Request Authorization Code.

Step 3

Fill in the contact information of the domain.

Transfer Is Complete

The transfer is complete.  It will take some time to finalize but the process is essentially done at this point.


I’ll post an update after the transfer is complete with my thoughts and any additional information that I come across during the transfer process.

More Info: Cloudflare Registrar

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