Hamilton Mountain Steps

I have always felt like I lead a pretty active lifestyle but since being diagnosed with diabetes in January I have tried to increase my activity level. I’m lucky that Hamilton has many sets of stairs traversing the escarpment that I try and run as frequently as I can.

I’ve gathered this information and verified most of it myself about the 5 locations in the City of Hamilton and quantity of stairs in each location.

Chedoke: 289 Steps
These steps connect the West Mountain to the lower west city, coming close to the front door of the Chedoke Civic Golf Course clubhouse.

Dundurn: 326 Steps

James: 227 Steps
The stairs originate at Southam Park on the mountain at the top of the Claremont Access.

Wentworth: 498 Steps

Kenilworth: 228 + 158: Total: 386 Steps
The upper Kenilworth steps connect the East Mountain (Margate Ave & Mountain Brow Blvd) to the Escarpment Rail Trail/Bruce Trail. There are 158 steps in this section. The remaining 228 steps then continue down to the Rosedale area (At Kimberly Dr. just south of the Kenilworth Access roundabout) of Hamilton. Between the lower and upper section there is approximately 350m of trail.

There is also a privately built set of steps named Uli’s Steps connecting the upper and lower city. These steps were built as a retirement project by a Hamiltonian named Uli who spent two years on the project. They have 305 steps.

I’ve marked all the locations of the stairs on the map below:

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