Day 9: Arrival in Ko Phi Phi

Our stay at Sino Imperial in Phuket Town was nice. There was not much to see or do in Phuket Town, we just used it as an overnight stay for our morning ferry.  The ferry leaving for Phi Phi Island leaves at 11 am but we had to be there an hour in advance to check in. I thought that 1 hour early for a ferry ride was a bit extreme but when we got there we saw why.  There were throngs of people everywhere. I don’t like to generalize but the Chinese tour groups were the worst; they just push everyone to get where they want to go with little respect for others. We are all boarding, there is no reason to try and push past everyone.

The ferry was pretty full with people were laying all over the deck.  We got a place near the front with a nice view which was fortunate.

Once you arrive in Phi Phi you need to pay a surprise 20 bhat tax to enter the island. I feel it would make more sense to include that in the ticket price since this surprise fee creates a lot of confusion at the entrance point.

Our hotel is close to the pier so its no problem to walk from the ferry. The sun is beating down fiercely and I am very sweaty when we arrive even though its only a few minutes walk.  Its lucky our room is ready when we arrive even though we are early for check-in.

After arriving we explored the island a bit and relaxed on the beach.  Some photos below:

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