Completely Blown Away By Passport Canada!

PassportWhenever someone thinks about the government, FAST is not a word that comes to mind.  So when I received my new passport just 4 business days after I submitted the application I wanted to share that rare and wonderful experience.

I was a little bit concerned with submitting my application on Monday afternoon and then having Victoria Day as the next Monday, that the 10 business day process would actually stretch into a 3rd week. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to have it at my door from Canada Post Xpresspost on Friday.  That is an amazing turnaround time, especially for government.  Not only that, but also they did not call my references or guarantor which I thought was a bit odd.  (this was a NEW application, not a renewal)

What a pleasant and unexpected experience.  It is possible people are waiting for the new 10 year passports that are coming July 1st.  I needed mine so I had no choice but possibly that is why these is a low time right now.  Lucky for me :)

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