Nex-3N: The New Camera For My Trip To Asia

The time is fast approaching when I will be hanging up the coat and gloves and departing for Asia for 2 months.  It goes without saying there will be many breathtaking photo opportunities along the way and I can’t wait to capture them all!

My old Panasonic DMC-ZS7 has been my trusted companion for many years now and its sad to see it being put aside for a new travel companion but sadly that time has come.  There area some dust/particles inside the ZS7 lens that are ruining the photos.  I can edit it out but this is getting tiresome.

Today, I announce its replacement.  After reading many reviews and user opinions I decided on the Sony NEX-3N with the 16-50 kit lens.  I really wanted the RX100 but it was simply out of my price range.  This camera is not quite as portable as the old ZS7 or the RX100 but its a decent size to carry around and so far the photos have been absolutely stunning.  I will be updating this blog during my travels (or perhaps after) with undoubtedly many sample photos.

Front view of Sony Nex-3N

Front view of Sony Nex-3N

Read a review: DPREVIEW

PMP Application Is Finally Complete!

It’s been a long time coming but I finally completed my PMP application.  You have 90 days to complete the application and I am finishing it just a few days before the time expires but it feels great to have it done.  Now comes the hard part of studying for the test.  That will have to wait until after my 2 month trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Taiwan. Super excited for that!

Kayak On Order!

I finally ordered my kayak.  I tried quite a few different ones and finally settled on the Riot Edge 13.  REI in the United States had it on special from its outlet store so I pulled the triggered and ordered it.  I have a business trip June 25th to 28th which will be when I will pick it up.


Riot Edge 13 Top View Riot Edge 13 Side View

Wytheville, VA Trip Report

I’ve been to Wytheville, VA many times for work. Its not a bad town, but its small; I can count the number of restaurants on my fingers. However, there are a few pretty good places to grab a bite to eat in town.

I would suggest trying the Japanese Steakhouse in the Walmart plaza. Its listed as a few different things on Trip Advisor but its the only Japanese place in town. El Puerto on Main St. is also delicious and cheap. My last recommendation is the Log House 1776. This place is a bit pricey but the food is very good and so are the beers.

Normally, I would fly into Greensboro and make the 2 hour drive to Wytheville. I’ve done this many times so I wanted to try something different while also taking in some of the beautiful vistas in this part of the country.  This time I flew into Asheville Regional Airport. The plan was to drive 230 miles from Asheville to Wytheville via the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have heard how great the scenery is along this historic route so I made that my plan.