Great Video on Kayak Forward Stroke Technique

Saw this great video on the correct technique for the kayak forward stroke.

For obvious reasons, the forward stroke is the most important stroke to learn. But you don’t need to have good technique to get a kayak moving. But by developing good technique, you’ll be able to paddle more efficiently, more effectively, and more comfortably.

Check it out.

Allegheny River Kayak – Trip Report

This was my second overnight paddle trip – the first being the Delaware River.  Both are technically easy kayak trips but I found them to be much different from one another.

The scenery is beautiful in parts, but the majority of the trip is through populated areas with cottages, and with the cottages comes the noise, boats and seadoos.  There are parts that have the feeling of seclusion but I was disappointed with the serenity of the trip as a whole – I never really felt like I was in deep woods.

However, if you are ever in an emergency situation help is never far away. (more…)

Rainmeter Google Traffic Estimation Skin

For anyone who has wondered how to have a meter on your desktop to estimate time in traffic to a set destination, its actually very easy. I have created a demo on how to do this in the attached ZIP file. You need to fill in the configuration with a google maps API key as well as your start and end locations. It will then assign a different picture depending on how much time it will take to get home. (Configuration of the time thresholds also required.)

Example of the skin:

Rainmeter Google Traffic Rainmeter Google Traffic Rainmeter Google Traffic
Download the Source: Rainmeter Google Traffic Skin

Icons licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported

SSL Resources I Find Helpful

I haven’t posted in awhile so I thought I would share some great SSL resources I have been using lately on a few of my projects.

The first is SSL labs.  This service performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public Internet.  I have used it to verify my SSL settings are correctly configured.  You can see my A+ rating.


The second site is a tutorial on  This gives some background and best practices to properly secure nginx.  I have used this quite a few times in the past few weeks and its proved to be quite helpful.

» Tutorial

Just a few of the resources I have been using lately.  Hope you find them as useful as I have.