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Nith River Kayak – Trip Report

This past Friday I went out on the Nith River. This is a smaller secluded river that meets up with the Grand River in Paris, Ontario. Paddling this river is only possible at certain times of the year, most notable the spring as the water level needs to be high enough to make passage possible…. Read more »

Great Video on Kayak Forward Stroke Technique

Saw this great video on the correct technique for the kayak forward stroke. For obvious reasons, the forward stroke is the most important stroke to learn. But you don’t need to have good technique to get a kayak moving. But by developing good technique, you’ll be able to paddle more efficiently, more effectively, and more… Read more »

Allegheny River Kayak – Trip Report

This was my second overnight paddle trip - the first being the Delaware River.  Both are technically easy kayak trips but I found them to be much different from one another. The scenery is beautiful in parts, but the majority of the trip is through populated areas with cottages, and with the cottages comes the noise, boats… Read more »

Kayak On Order!

I finally ordered my kayak.  I tried quite a few different ones and finally settled on the Riot Edge 13.  REI in the United States had it on special from its outlet store so I pulled the triggered and ordered it.  I have a business trip June 25th to 28th which will be when I… Read more »